Friday, January 4, 2013

Ubuntu Now For Phones

Ubuntu is an open source OS ( operating system ). It means that it's free to download and you don't have to pay for it. Ubuntu aims for creating new and innovative features, and they do it so that it looks the same in all devices and it fits all devices ( desktops, servers, tablets, phones ).


Easy swipe from the screen's edges allows you to access your content or switch between apps. This uses all 4 edges of the screen. Accessing your apps and switching between them is very fast.

Full-swipe from the left to right shows you all the running apps and from right to left brings you back to previously used application.

Right edge swipe takes you back to the app you used before the current app. Multi-tasking is very common on smartphones and this allows you to navigate quickly.

Bottom edge swipe brings up controls menu where you can hide or reveal your apps. This is useful if you need to clear your screen fast or bring stuff back.

Fast search allows you to search for anything on the phone ( emails, contacts, files, etc.. ). The search is not limited with the phone, it also looks up from the web.

Top edge swipe brings you to your messages. Fast and easy to keep an eye on your conversations. Quickly respond to your Twitter, Facebook, SMS, calls and emails.

Pictures are automatically uploaded to your Ubuntu One account's cloud, and you're able to access them from any device.

Video review

Ubuntu is spreading all over the world and getting more popular faster and faster. More info here


  1. dont like ubuntu but lets see :P

  2. My friend use it, and he's satisfied ..