Monday, November 5, 2012

Safekeeping Your Data

All of us have files that need to be securely somewhere, where the bad guys won't get them and it won't get lost. I'll give you some tips on this matter.

Tips on how to keep your data safe:

Use antiviruses and firewalls. 
Operating systems usually have a good firewall already and if you keep it on, you won't have to worry about that. Antivirus softwares help to keep your computer cleen from unwanted intruders, just remember to run a scan regulary.

Avoid suspicious webpages and downloads.
Try not to download everything you see, make a background search, look for comments before you download anything.

Don't attachments or links in emails sent from strangers.
A lot of viruses spread with the help of emails, if you're not sure who the sender is or if it looks way too suspicious, just delete the email.

Update your operating system.
Keeping it up to date is keeping the firewall and system security up to date.

Use encryption.
Ecrypting yout private data is making it hard or impossible for the thief to read it.

Make backups.
Use clouds ( see Cloud computing ), DvD-s, external hard drives or other storing devices.

Keep the storing devices in safe places.
Don't leave them lying around where anyone could get them.

Enable passwords on your devices.
Newer external hardd rives, flash drives and other devices have the option to enable a password protection.

These are the most efficient ways of keeping your data safe.


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