Friday, November 16, 2012

Organizing Your Desktop

Why should I organize my desktop?

You will get better understanding and knowing where certain folders and files are located, meaning that you'll find them faster and that saves time. A clean desktop looks cool, especially if you have an awesome wallpaper, but if you just have all the stuff on the screen at random places, it doesn't look very good. Today i'm going to give you some tips on how to keep your desktop organized.

You don't want your desktop looking like this

How to organize my desktop?


Keep your files and folders categorised. For example: school, work, games, junk, ... Don't be afraid of subcategories.

Make folders.

Don't just keep all the files on desktop, make folders for each category and then subfolders for subcategories if needed.


Make small zones on the desktop for each category and keep the files and folder of that category in that zone. For example: the corners of the screen provide 4 different zones. Or you could even use your wallpaper for separating zones, if you had picture of a landscape then you could use the sky and the land for zones.

Use the taskbar

Place the programs and folders you use most on the taskbar. That way you'll have a one click away access to them at any time.

Use folder icons

Using a different icon for each folder makes them easy to find ( they could be letters ). Try using topic related icons, example: for games you could use a logo of your favorite game, or an icon that is a capital G. Colors, symbols and figures help you remember things better. Because you need to use .ico files for icons, you could download icons from the web or make/convert them yourself with some simple program.

Helpful software

There are quite a lot of programs that help you zone and organize your desktop. An example software: Fences

An example of a clean/organized desktop


  1. i really like the zoning tip, never thought about it beore.. will try the fences software you recomended

  2. wow! I have a terrible mess on the desktop, I have to use your advices!

  3. im gonna have a good look into this software, seems interesting!

  4. Thanks for the tip!

  5. lol I desperately need this xD