Monday, December 3, 2012

How To Google Effectively

Do you know how to use google search to get the best out of it?

Most people just type in words related to what they're looking for, but that might not give the result they were hoping for. Google got his name from the word "googol", which referes to a very large number ( number one and 100 zeros after that ) and google search gives you also a lot of results for one search case and it may not be very accurate because of your unprecise terms.

Today i will teach you how to make your google search more efficient. You can use many terms in one search, just separate them by empty space. Or if you want to use more than one word in a term, separate them by coma.

Search terms:

Will search for the site or anything added by you from the site ""


Will search for "car" plus anything related to it.

"tea is a drink"

Will search for a phrase "tea is a drink". The results are in the exact order as you have the words in the quotes.


Results will be in that timerange.


Excludes "cat" from the search results.


filetypes are ".jpg". You can have any filetype.


Shows results that have the word "computers" in the title.


Searches for papers that have "CompilerK" as an author.


Gives you the definition of a "watermelon".


If you are unclear about the word table, just add a * before it.

5,6 inch to centimeter

Automaticly shows you how many centimeters is 5,6 inches

I got 5 results, all of which are refering to what i was looking for

Thank you for reading, you can now try it out for yourself:

PS! Leave a comment, or email me if you have any questions related to computers or technology and i'll gladly respond with a post.


  1. one of the most important skills a person can have. google can make almost any thing happen for you with the right terms.

  2. it's quite interesting and useful, especially for those, who aren't champions in IT...

  3. nice i didn't know about some of those parameters

  4. This was very helpful, thanks

  5. Thanks soo much! Been looking for something that had all of this info together!

  6. WOW, thanks man, these could be very useful !

  7. very useful info ty for sharing!