Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Google Easter Eggs

Here's a couple of easter eggs that Google has to offer, they are search based, it means that you have to search them on google.

  1. Do a barrel roll
    Rotates the page 360 degrees. (link)
  2. Recursion
    The name says it all. (link)
  3. Tilt / askew
    The page has a tilt. (link)
  4. Hanukkah
    The page has some lights below the search box. (link)
  5. Kwanzaa
    The page has candles below the search box. (link)
  6. Binary / octal / hexadecimal
    The search result number is in binary / octal / hexadecimal. (link)
  7. Zerg rush
    You get to play a game where you click on zergs to kill them. (link)
  8. Conway's game of life
    Conway's game of life starts to play in the background. (link)
  9. Bacon number *name of a famous actor*
    Displays you the bacon number of a famos actor, bacon number is the shortest connection between Kevin Bacon and the selected actor in the movies. (link)
  10. Christmas
    If you have the term "christmas" in your search, there will be christmas lights under the search box. (link)
  11. Google gravity ( press "i'm feeling lucky" )
    The Google page now has gravity and you can throw things around. (link)

For a full list of google easter eggs and hoax, visit Wikipedia


  1. Easter eggs, they're perfect for Christmas

  2. cool thanks for sharing!

  3. Hehe, had fun with these. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I only knew about a few of these. Great share!

  5. you should add the one with the pacman also.