Monday, December 3, 2012

Electronic Books

What is an electronic book?

Also known as digital book, ebook. It is a book in a digital form, it looks like a tablet computer. It has a display screen and may have buttons.

An ebook from Sony

Regular book vs electronic book

Digital books save up a lot of space, because you only need one book in physical form, instead of having a bookshelf or even a library. The ammount of books stored in an ebook is only limited by its memory capacaty.

Ebooks are thinner than most paper books.

You can read your ebook in the dark, because they have an inbuilt lightsource in the screen.
If you have difficulties reading small text, you can just increase the font size.

You don't have to go to a store or a library to get a book, you can just buy/borrow and download it online.

The loss of data is easier to occur in ebooks, for example upon dropping your device from high ground or being nearby strong magnets.

Digital text is cheaper than on paper text.

You may be able to change the language of your book.

NB! Ebook features vary between devices.

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