Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tech Christmas Present Ideas Under 50 $

Hey everyone, christmas is almost here and i bet most of you don't have any gift ideas yet, but don't worry, I'm here to help you out by giving you some example ideas that would cost you less than 50 $ if you were to implement any of them.

Flash drive

People always need to transport or save data somehow, why not use flash drives.
Average price: 6 $


A better way of reading and storing books.
The price for an ebook varies a lot, but you will find a bunch of them under 50 $

Video game

Games are a good way to entertain yourself.
You will find all kinds of prices for games but mostly they are under 50 $. Or maybe the person already has a game he/she likes and you can just get him/her an expansion, which is also good.

A watch

There are a number of cases where you just need to know the time, a watch will make a perfect gift.

Computer/console accessories

Keyboard, mouse, headphones, speakers, remotes. We all use them, maybe your friend really needs a new one, grab hold of a good opportunity to give him/her a new one as a gift.

MP3 player

But my friend already has a phone that can play music. Well having a player just for music is better if you need to use your phone for other than music and yet still want to listen to new beats at the same time. And YES, they do sell them at prices lower than 50 $

Remote controlled toys

Everyone loves remote controlled toys, even adults: cars, helicopters, planes, ... They are available at prices below 50 $.

Electric shaver

An easy way of getting rid of any unwanted hair. The price for a shaver can get up to 500, but the older models can be found for under 50 $


  1. very useful information on your site, congratulations !

  2. Im in love with the christmas flash drive, what a great idea. Awesome post.