Sunday, November 4, 2012

Different Kinds Of Laptop Bags

There are many kind of different bags for transporting laptops. I'll show you a few examples and comment a little by bringing up some positive and negative facts about them.

Regular Laptop Bag

  • P: Usually with hardened borders which provide good protection against smaller collisions with other objects.
  • P: Comfortable to carry, has a belt and handles.
  • P: Has more compartments for you to transport other stuff besides your laptop, such as a mouse or pens.
  • N: May not look so fashionable.

Light Cover

  • P: Pretty.
  • P: Fits perfectly, you can buy the exact size for your laptop.
  • N: Needs to be held in hand.
  • N: Medium protection.

Regular Handbag

  • P: Comfortable to carry, has handles.
  • P: Looks nice.
  • N: Usually no hardened borderes, laptop may get damaged when colliding with something.
  • N: Has no separate compartments and if you have other stuff, such as keys, your machine may get scratched or damaged.

These 3 above are most commonly used for laptop transportation. I have some more nice bags i found while surfing the web, take a look.


  1. i want to buy laptop bag. Thank you for this post. It helped me a lot

  2. I like the shirt and the tie one, nice