Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Google Glasses

The project is called "Project Glass" and it is Google's research and development program. The project is about head-mounted display ( glasses ) which is basically a hands-free smartphone.
Google glasses prototype

Co-founder of Google (Sergey Brin) with Google Glass

What Does It Do

The Glass allows you to send images, have video conversations, and see what your firends see. It of course does a lot more than just camera functions, such as calendar, weather news and messages with friends.


Tiny gamera and a display.
Operating system: Google's Android.
Release date: early 2013 for developers and 2014 for public
Price: $ 1500 for developers version, it may be higher for public

Video preview of Google Glass


  1. Hope this technology can get to consumers quickly! Eager to get one!

  2. This is gonna be so awesome... and expensive :P