Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dropbox - Store And Share

Dropbox is a cloud service ( free ) that allows you to store data and share it with your friends or keep it private for yourself only. You get to manage your files and data from different devices.

Dropbox is on Android, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS,Symbian, BalackBerry OS, and some more.

How does it work

You don't even need to download and install the software, just go online with any browser, log in with your account and start managing your files. But it is easier to install it and just drag-drop files between your device and the server.
Dropbox installed icon 
Drobbox menu

A Dropbox folder with 2 pictures in it that are succesfully uploaded

The storage capacity is different for everyone, it depends on your account. You start off with 2 GB and later finish with a maximum of 28 GB per free user. You get more space after finishing some tasks or inviting friends to join Dropbox. You get to achieved the maximum simply by joining with your school/group and friends to Space Race the Dropbox ( I got the maximum 28.2 GB ).

Additional upgrades for Dropbox Pro are 100 GB, 200 GB, 500 GB.

If you have a 50 member team and 10 000 GB storage, the pricing would be $ 6420 / year. More info here



  1. Dropbox is such an amazingly easy to use and still very handy program. I use it almost every day.

  2. i heard about it but never used it. sounds like it's worth to give it a try