Friday, February 8, 2013

Restore Windows With Restore Points

In Windows there is a tool called "System Restore" and it can be a very valuable asset when having a problem such as driver or registry problems. Even sound and other system settings/options are fixed.

How does it work

Windows automatically creates restore points (before each installed program or driver) which can be later used to restore your system files and settings to that point in time. Your personal files (photos, documents, emails) will not be affected. Restore points can also be created manually.

You can also undo the changes done by system restore. Useful if it didn't fix the problem.

Creating restore points

Control Panel -> Sytem and Security -> System -> System protection -> Create

This may take a few minutes
You'll get a message like this
Example point created
More info here

Using a point to restore your system

Control Panel -> Sytem and Security -> System -> System protection -> System Restore

Now simply select and the point you want to use and click Next

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