Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finding Your IP Address

What is and IP address?

IP ( Internet Protocol ) address is and identificator that each computer and network owns. Computers use IP address to communicate with eatch other.

Public and Private IP

There are actually 2 IP addresses. Public is the one your network (router) has, which is used on the internet. Private is the one that your computer has, which is used locally in your private network.

How to find your public IP address

The easiest way to find your public IP address is to google it or use any other website that offers such a function.


Google: "What's my ip"

Another way is to check your public IP from the router settings and configurations, but i'm not taking up that subject in this post.

How to find your private IP address

From the control panel

Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> View network status and tasks

Choose the connection you want

Click on Details

There's your private IP address under IPv4 Address

From the command prompt

Type "ipconfig" and search for your connection

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