Friday, October 12, 2012

Windows 8

I'm not sure if all of you are waiting for Windows 8 to come out, which will be on the 26th of october ( thats 2 weeks from now ), but it's almost here.

They're offering an upgrade solution from Win7 to Win8 pro for 70 $. Bigger shops already offer the chance to order it.
Regular version of pro is about 140 $.

If you're planning to wait for the official release, you'll get the upgrade package for 40 $ ( it's pro ). Thats a little bit more than half the money you'd have to pay now, and in my oppinion it's a good save for 2 weeks.

Some of the features that Win8 has to offer:

  • Windows Live Syncing - Allows you to use your Windows Live set up ( personalized settings ) thet you have set for your account, on another computer that has Win8 when logging in.
  • Fast boot time - They use a bit of hibernation when shutting down and when you boot it back up, the system gets initialized faster.
  • Dynamic desktop - You can swap between normal and the dynamic desktop. The dynamic desktop is grid based and you can customize it yourself.  You can also get real-time information from running apps, such as weather report, emails, etc.
  • Windows To Go - This feature allows you to make a copy of your OS onto a USB drive. Later you can use it on other computers which then can have the Windows configured just the way you have it on the drive ( that includes wallpapers, settings, files, apps, all of that ). This is also useful as a backup feature.
  • New Search - You don't have to open any search windows to start searching, you just start typing and windows starts searching for you right away.
  • File History - Damaged or lost a file? No problem, if you had a "save" of that file made before you lost or damaged it, you can easily retrieve it.
I think i'm not updating from my Win7 pro to 8 any time soon, but maybe next year.

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