Sunday, October 28, 2012

How to save RAM from unwanted software

RAM ( random access memory ) is used by all of the programs that you run on your computer. Everything that a program loads up is stored in random access memory ( pictures, text, programming language data ). Nowadays, 4 GB or RAM is a very recommended minimum when buying a new computer, but older ones still have 1 or 2 gigabytes of it ( mostly win xp or vista ). Windows 7 eats more ram than vista and xp. I personally have 7 professional ( 64-bit )  and it takes about 1,3 GB-s.

Because the operating system already eats a lot of RAM, we dont want other unnecessary programs to waste it, do we?


Unwanted software is eating your RAM ( windows )


Uninstall or disable that software from starting up with windows.

How to disable software from loading up with windows:

  1. Open msconfig.exe - search it from start menu or hold down windows logo on your keyboard and press R and type "msconfig" ( without the quotes ) in the box that opened and press enter ( run it as administrator ).
  2. Open the "Startup" tab - just click on it, it's the 4th tab.
  3. Uncheck unwanted software - everything that is checked in there will be loaded up with windows as it start. Just find the software you know you don't need to load up and uncheck it. Be careful not to uncheck anything that's unknown for you. After unchecking all you wanted just click Apply and Ok.
And that's it, very easy.

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