Saturday, December 29, 2012

Video Game Development Process

I thought I would introduce you to video game development process. How does it work and what is happening at each stage, both development and public point of view. So the steps are as follows:

Step 1 : Idea

Like any other process, the first step is to have a good idea.

Step 2 : The story

DEVELOPMENT: After the idea, a good story is needed in order to make a good game. This step involves creating all the characters, designing all the levels, thinking of all the game features, putting together the whole story.

PUBLIC: Some early scetches and drawings of the game content. Features list. Drawn or animated trailer/teaser.

Step 3 : Prototype

DEVELOPMENT: A prototype is created with some features and mechanics implemented. It is being tested and the content/mechanics/story is being improved.

PUBLIC: Teaser trailer is released.

Step 4 : Main programming

DEVELOPMENT: Everyone is doing their work to build the game as it was ment to.

PUBLIC: Questions and answers in forums, about trailers, commentary, development blogs and news/reports.

Step 5 : Alfa/Alpha testing

DEVELOPMENT: People involved with the game creation are testing the game for bugs.

PUBLIC: Official trailer is released.

Step 6 : Beta testing

DEVELOPMENT: Adding features, fixing bugs, bringing in new content.

PUBLIC: Selected players ( not involved with the game development ) are playing the game and reporting bugs. This is usually done with beta keys, that are handed out to certain people ( subscribed to something, own a game from the same development team, or just the fastest certain number of people who request them ).

Step 7 : The Release

DEVELOPMENT: The game should be at full wanted content and all known bugs should be fixed.

PUBLIC: The game is released.

Step 8 : Patching

DEVELOPMENT: Constant bugfixing and maybe new features and mechanics or even new versions are being developed.

PUBLIC: New versions released. Players report bugs.

Just a sample graph of the work flow in game development process


  1. Always wanted to know how these guys worked from the start! Good one.

  2. A lot of people would disagree with drawing up a design doc, or planning out the "story" before even having a prototype.

  3. Actually, I'm quite familiar with this since I've been a part of a game mod development team, and it's very similar to making an actual game. But this is a nice layout and could actually help someone if they're making a project of their own. It's also fun to read and get to know how the big companies make their well known titles.

    Good post! :D

  4. Always wanted to know how these guys worked from the start! Good one.